Bianca Pulitzer

Bianca Pulitzer is a ceramic artist and designer of functional clay objects.  Each object is hand-built, glazed and fired in her studio in Pasadena, California. She works primarily in porcelain and stoneware with high-fire, food-safe glazes. The forms are simple and elegant. Evidence of her hand is subtle but each piece has individual character.  She is as much concerned with the domestic life of her pottery, where it goes, whether in your hand or on a table, as the piece itself. 

Bianca's first years were spent in her bohemian parents farm house with no running water or power near Bend, Oregon.  When she was two years old they moved to St. Louis, Missouri; then at age nine they moved to Marin County, California. After graduating from high school, she reluctantly attended college where she attained a bachelor's degree in modern literature but spent most of her time in the fine arts department. A lifelong interest in art and design lead her on a wandering path to work in landscape, interior and architectural design firms. But the work was not entirely satisfying which was a disappointment; she became lost and unhappy.  Under vague threat from her husband, to do something that would make her happy again, Bianca returned to her childhood enthusiasm: ceramics.